Experience active volcanoes, faults and more


Being in the front line of the African – European plate collision is a blessing and a curse. Greece is one of the few places in Europe you can actually experience the power of earth.

As a result, beautiful active faults, forming the land, making gorges, valleys, lakes, mountains. Unlike other countries, most of the active faults in Greece are quite visible. Gulf of Corinth is considered a “geological laboratory”.

You all know that the island of Santorini is an active volcano (last eruption in 1950) with many catastrophic events throughout Ancient Greek history. Even if you don’t have the time to visit Santorini you will have the chance to visit two “sister” volcanoes located near Athens. Experience an active volcano!


  • Visit two active volcanoes and two major fault zones.
  • -Learn and see the geology of the area, experience the volcanic activity at first hand.
  • -Visit Isthmus of Corinth; learn the history of the canal.
  • -Visit the ancient stone trackway, the Diolkos, once used for dragging ships overland.
  • -Find and collect fossils

The tour is for everyone, no prior knowledge is expected. Your tour guide is very experienced and will deliver the information at the level at which you feel comfortable. You will be encouraged to find out as much as you can by asking him. We will be moving by car most of the time. Short, easy walks of 5 to 10 minutes are expected, easy terrain.

Group Size: 2-8 participants. (There is a possibility for more people but you have to contact with us first).

Tour Language: English (tour in other languages is possible for groups of 10 participants or more).

The departure point will always be Athens center (most hotels are located there) but pick-ups may be possible en-route. We can also pick you up from you hotel, before 9 a.m. in order to be on time. If you wish on your return from the tour you can be dropped off at your accommodation. This is a day tour. In very hot days there will be a short stop to one of the beautiful beaches, so bring your bathing suit.

What’s included in the price: pick-up, transfer from and to the sites, light meal (usually homemade sandwiches, juice, tea or coffee).

Price per person: 160 €. For 4, there is a 5% discount. For children under 12 the tour is free and for children from 12 to 18 there is a 50% discount.

Special prices for larger groups (contact us)

Prices do not include VAT.

Note that after making your enquiry you will be provided with instructions for the payment, terms and conditions and other information essential for the tour


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